The MOABI Foundation Grant for Plant Taxonomic Research

The MOABI Foundation Grant for Plant Taxonomic Research
MOABI support young African botanists by providing grant for research study with the aims of stimulating the enrichment of knowledge on the diversity of the tropical African vegetation. The research grant cover the costs of travel and accommodation in order to study the collections of the National Herbarium of the Netherlands Wageningen branch, fieldwork in Africa, research for an article or a PhD project, presenting a paper on a scientific congress or other project

Eligibility criteria:

applicant Should preferably be at the beginning of his or her career, wishing to increase his/her knowledge of African plant taxonomy.
applicant Should be able to indicate how the acquired knowledge will assist him/her to continue a career in African botany.
Should preferably be a young African scientist embedded in a botanical environment.
The research field should be systematics of tropical African plants.
The research project should take place in collaboration with the Biosystematics Group of Wageningen University.
Support is given only to individuals.
applicant should indicate how the results of the proposed research will be published. Projects leading to publications co-authored by staff of the Biosystematics Group of Wageningen University will receive a preference.

Grants will normally not exceed €1500

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